The Writer


“Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child.” – Tim Burton

Growing up, I was always the reader and writer. I enjoyed both simultaneously and they both allowed me to have a creative mind. It was how I saw things, how I enjoyed life and how I described what I thought and how I felt. It was always through words.

Then I got a little bit older and became hooked on photography. Through vision and my sense of sight, I was able to show others how I felt, what I thought, and the moments I enjoyed. It consumed me.

Now, as I head into my 30th year, I wanted to compile the two. I need to make room for both. And I know that I can use both to describe who I am and what I like.

I’m Ashley. A wife to a wonderful man who I’ve known for all of my adult life, a mother to two wonderful mutts, a girl who loves almost anything with an engine, watching motorsports, going on adventures and listening to all sorts of music. An equestrian, a photographer, an event planner and project manager and if all goes well with this blog, a writer. I’m happy to have you on this journey with me as I work towards finding myself through words again.