The Hunt for the Perfect House


Let me let you in on a little secret. House hunting in Columbus is hard.
We went into this process thinking it was such a large area and there was so much going on that we didn’t really think that the market would be so tough.
But here we are, on month number 5, without a house. We hardly even have a lead.

Because here’s the problem. There are more people looking for houses than there are houses available. We’re picky people. We want this house to be the right one. We plan to be there awhile. Our last house? We built it for re-sale. It was nice but it wasn’t perfect. We have high expectations.

Turns out, those are really hard to come close to. We went and saw a house last week that was 45 minutes from our apartment. Before we got back to the apartment, the house was in contract. We went to see a house this week, and when we did there were four other realtors and clients looking at it as the same time. It wasn’t an open house. The house sold that night.

Basically, if you don’t act RIGHT THIS MINUTE THAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT SAID HOUSE, you’re SOL. We aren’t jump the gun kind of people when it comes to a huge investment like a house.

Of course, then there’s the issue of finding the one, getting accepted to get the one, and then having to walk away from the one.

In November, back when we had started house hunting, the one came on the market. Rick was away at training and I had to look at the house with the realtor on my own. No problem, I trust our realtor immensely. She’s been nothing but straight forward and honest about her views on the area and pricing. She’s never been pushy for us to just buy a house already. So off we went to look at this house and guys….it was perfect (from my very not construction oriented eye). It sat on a corner lot of 2 acres (divided by a creek, not ideal, but do-able), with a pretty little pond in the front. It was a cape code style, which is my favorite. It was pink and stone on the exterior and then the interior? WOW. It was like a Colorado ski resort on the interior. Absolutely stunning. All exposed wood post and beam, gorgeous large kitchen, open floor plan, beautiful flooring and bathrooms.


We face-timed with my husband and got his approval. Put in an offer.

24 hours later it was accepted. I was on cloud nine. I wanted to tell everyone – look at this gorgeous house! It was mine! I couldn’t wait to host events and dinner parties.

And then one week later, it as all over. It wasn’t mine anymore. The house inspection didn’t work out like we’d hoped and it was back on the market.

I was devastated.
Let’s be real. I still am.
I still hold out hope that we’ll find something similar. That exposed, country, beautiful open feel.
Maybe that’s what’s the most difficult about all this. Holding on to something that just isn’t real.

When we will find the perfect house? Will we ever? On acreage, close to a town, open floor plan, gorgeous inside….
It’s a struggle to believe that you might, when you already came so close to something so perfect.


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