Dry January.


When I first heard about Dry January last year (January 2016), I thought the idea was ludicrous. I’d already had many social outings planned for the month and couldn’t fathom how I would get through them without a drink. Now that those words came out of my mouth, I realize how truly awful that sounds.

Regardless, when I woke up this year on January 1 2017….at about 1pm, quite possibly the most hungover I’ve been since my 21st birthday, I immediately thought that Dry January didn’t seem like such an awful idea. So my challenge began. Not because of the potential health benefits that one may get from it (improved skin, faster metabolism, better sleep and more energy) but simply because I couldn’t imagine drinking at that current point in my life AND because I love a good challenge.

The first day was easy as pie since I was so sick that I hardly left the couch until late into the night. The second day wasn’t so bad either since I was relishing in the fact that I felt human again. The hard day was on Jan 4, when I received my WINC shipment on Wine Wednesday. Four wonderful, probably super delicious, bottles of wine delivered to my doorstep that I was so anxious to get and now…I couldn’t drink them until February. Heartbreak!

(Little note about WINC…it’s fantastic. I love this cute little journal they send out, too. Once I can review one of the wines I’ll give ya’ll an explanation on the club but if anyone wants a referral code for some free wine before that happens, drop me a note!)


Honestly though, it really hasn’t been that bad. My husband’s gotten to have me be his DD the whole month, so that’s probably been a nice change of pace for him. The moments where it’s been the hardest has been the nights that I’m home alone and just out of habit would’ve had a glass of wine while I watched T.V. I miss the TASTE of the wine a lot. And when we’re out to eat, I do love to get specialty cocktails so I’ve been lusting over that. Other than those small things, it hasn’t been awful. I have been drinking a lot more water (still not as much as I should) in place of the drinks I’d been drinking.

Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any of the potential benefits, so that’s a bummer. I’d be more upset if I was counting on them or had done this whole thing for them. I suppose maybe I’ve been sleeping better, but so many components factor into me sleeping well (the temperature of the room, the snoring of the old dog, how many times the young dog jumps on top of me while trying to sneak onto the bed…) that it’s hard to say if I’m getting better sleep because of sans alcohol.

Husband wanted me to watch the Steeler football game with him on Sunday, so I told him he had to get me sparkling grape juice so I could at least pretend I was having wine with his beer. I was surprised at how much slack I got for that when I posted a picture of my “fake” wine. People wanted to know why I’d drink that and have all the calories (which, according to them, defeated the purpose of the challenge)….I have never, and probably will never, be a calorie counter. I just can’t do it. I like things that are bad for me wayyyyy too much. I attempt to balance that out by working out (which is still hit or miss for me) and eating otherwise really healthy food. That’s a story for another day.

So here we are, one week to go. I’ll probably restore all my wines to their rightful place on the counter Tuesday night as a pre-celebration. I’m already trying to decide which of my lovely wines from WINC I want to try first. I have been eyeing up the “To Be Honest by Matt Bellassai” Red Blend since I got it in December…and since February 1 falls on Wine Wednesday, I feel like it would be pretty appropriate. I’m excited to be able to post wine reviews on this blog soon!

This experience has taught me that I can make it through social engagements without alcohol (hoorah!) and that it’s probably not such a bad thing to reach for the water after dinner instead of the wine bottle. I’m really proud of myself for doing this challenge though, regardless of what comes from it.

One. To. Go.


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