T-shirts in January.


Woah, what?
Not something we can normally say here in Central Ohio in January, but this weekend was just that! Mother Nature graced us with two absolutely gorgeous days in the mid-60’s with plenty of sunshine. I am almost always cold (like, wear a hoodie in the heat of summer) but this weekend I sported a short sleeve shirt for a portion of the day outside!

My husband and I drove over to the Tanger Outlets and window shopped just so we could walk around a bit outside. On Sunday, we took the pups for a walk through the neighborhood. Sara had so much fun smelling all the new territory and even kicked it up a gear and ran a bit, while Hoss just enjoyed getting to strut his stuff in a bigger area than the fenced in area the apartment complex has. It was warm and sunny and just absolutely beautiful out.

….which helps me deal with the fact that today is cold, windy and rainy.

According to my better half, Tuesday 1/24 is the day when the temperature starts to gradually trend upwards, so that’s exciting. I’m not asking for much, I’d just like to go outside with only 3 layers on šŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend as well šŸ™‚


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